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    [EVENT] Capital Country

    IGN: -[Snow] Answer: Sofia Screen of vote :
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    Here are my rules : -no buff's, only swell -no hack's -no bug's -no pet -no pilot -no shield -no warp every sec -2 time's DC=lose duel -we will play until 5 score - we will play for first time with whole set and if duel will be for long time and bored we will remove helm and armor -...
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    I've got an problem

    Hi all i got an problem my friend wanna try to enter game and he always get kicked, he can enter on account but when he press connect button on char it get kick who can help ? THX
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    Finished Event [Announced Event] Tournament

    InfinityMu ts like a diamonds
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    Help me with Vote System

    Why i need to have 5 resets to vote?i cant vote if my characters dont have resets ? -.-
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    Finished Event [BIG EVENT] October Infinity Idol!

    when u will show to us who is the winner ??
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    My Pot Rate ( :P hope u like that :)
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    ExTaSsY Pot Rate

    Here is my weak pot rate with bad recording program :( when i dont record my pots its bit faster with 2-3 pots Enjoy!!:)
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    :)This is my Pot rate in PVP
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    My Poting Rate In Game

    My Poting Rate with some lags :),But when i Fight 1vs1 my poting rate its 2x faster :)
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    [Suggestion]JOH option Adder

    I hav a suggestion: -To add in WS JOH option Adder for credits,bcz i think no only me lazy to put some YO on set/weap,this is my suggeston ,what you think about this ??!! Thanks!!
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    I have a sugestion,how do you think about change spots -To put more spots in server 1,2 and maybe 5 -And to leave spots in server 3 and 4 because all players who want to lvl up come on server 3 and 4 thats why server 3 and 4 are full!! What do you think about this ??? Thanks!!