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    Forum Event InfinityMU Author - August 2021

    Ign: >Mars Electric (re)Encounter ;) Guess what, Im back! Couldn't leave that long, This game got no lack Enjoyed every update and thats a Fact The game gets better and better, Sets, Weapons, even mobs gets stronger. Old friends became a teacher, Newbies treat them like they are their...
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    Sell 120 dracos (>Mars)

    no no sorry :(
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    Sell 120 dracos (>Mars)

    Hi, Im selling 120 dracos, accepting any offer just pm me in game or here. Thanks
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    Unirias (>Mars)

    fixed. sorry thanks tho
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    Unirias (>Mars)

    I buy Unirias 15 pcs for 1w. I need many. pm me in game or here . Thanks
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    Sold U.T1 DL Draco set (Denjiro)

    95w for the elf. You can make BTA and tag me if deal. Thank you
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    Forum Event InfinityMU Author - December 2020

    IGN:>Mars Christmas in INFINITY MU The day has come for us to rejoice A day where we hear everyone's voice I have something to say, So please listen girls and boys Dear Enemies, We may fight and argue on the game But without you things wouldn't be the same It is because of our competition...
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    Forum Event InfinityMu Meme October 2020

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    Forum Event InfinityMU Author - October 2020

    Was it a script or all skill Fingers move like it doesn't feel Would i see some screws in you if ill peel Or are you the real deal Some get as tough as a rock With set combination that was just unlocked No matter how many enemies flock Some just don't seem to get knocked Im not saying that...
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    Sell S>25$ VD (-Uno-)

    =350 rows/ 350 dracos / 350k gc or mixed it up. thanks
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    Price Check for DINOS

    Can someone help me price check dinorants please. 0 opt=? 1 opt=? 2 opt=? thanks
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    Price Check for $VD (GarlicRice)

    How many rows for this $VD? 10$ 15$ 20$ 25$ 50$ planning to sell $VD. thanks
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    [Forum Event] InfinityMU Meme February 2020

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    Help for running PingZapper

    When running pingzapper, i always encounter this problem. Can anybody help me address this problem? it would be of great help. Thank you! Now im experiencing this too:
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    Finished Event [BIG Event] InfinityMU Author for July

    A game I've played since 2009, Got addicted to it and lost my mind, I guess love is truly blind, when I fell in love with a game and got bind. There are things I wanted back, This is one of them that I should never lack, I know it would s u c k, If i never play this back, I have quit playing...