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    Finished Event [Christmas & New Year] Banner Making Contest

    Here's my entry .. IGN: *[10th]* FN: #10th Hope you like it :) Merry Christmas to all ^_^
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    Finished Event [Big Event] Infinity's Next Top Model [November]

    Here's my entry ..
  3. #10th

    Finished Event [Big Event] Halloween Costume Event

    This is my entry Hope you like it
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    Finished Event [Big Event] Infinity's Next Top Model [October]

    This Is My Entry ...
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    Finished Event [Big Event]Infinity's Ugliest Gear (2)

    This !! ^_^
  6. #10th

    Finished Event [Christmas Event] Capture the Reindeer!

    Merry Christmas Infinity! <3 IGN : im10th
  7. #10th

    sync progress problem!!!

    When i click "connect" button it says this GRRR .. can't play .. i install all patch !
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    Picture Taking with GM Abesta And Player :D

    :dance:I Love InfinityMU:dance:
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    Taking Pic With #Elmer

    :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
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    I already have this .. WTF

  11. #10th

    asking for my friends account !

    i just want to ask what happen to my friends account .. he can't log-in in website to make reset .. but in game he can .. now i just want to ask what he will going to do ??
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    what happened ?

    I just want to ask what will happen to my CHAT BOX ?? i can't see WTF !
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    Please unbanned my account :tt tt:

    Dear Staff Team and Infinitinians , Sir plss UNBANNED my account .. i will continue my life in infinity . im active in games .. and i will not involve in scamming again :( i hope you will understand me Sir T_T i love playing infinity .. this is the first time when i involve this...